Natsuki Tamura – trumpet
Christian Pruvost – trumpet
Satoko Fujii – piano
Peter Orins– drums

Melodic, abstract, mysterious, beautiful, and confrontational, Kaze plays free jazz at its most creative and powerful. The members of this international quartet share an insatiable appetite for sonic experimentation, boundless energy and enthusiasm, and the disciplined intelligence of accomplished spontaneous composers.

Using minimal yet distinctive compositional frameworks from each band member, they engage in deep musical exchanges full of surprise and wit creating one of the most captivating ongoing musical conversations in jazz. 

 “…bold, uncompromising music.”  – London Jazz News

“…redefines listening to music, redefines genres, redefines playing music.…an incredibly rich listening experience…” ― Stef Gjissels, Free Jazz Blog

 “Takes jazz abstraction to a sublime limit. … There is suspense, virtuosity, mystery, calm.” – Jon Garelick, Giant Steps

 “…the rarely heard sound of two trumpets collaborating, interweaving and cross-talking is at the center of the group Kaze, whose penultimate set of the festival was also one of the high points of the overall program.” – Josef Woodard, DownBeat
“… one of the most musically dynamic and intense ‘jazz’ sets of the year… If you think you can imagine what piano, drums, and two trumpets will sound like, think again.” ― Derk Richardson, KPFA Radio

“One of the best gigs I’ve seen this year…one of my favorite working groups.” – Steve Dalachinsky, The Brooklyn Rail

Kaze (Natsuki Tamura, Christian Pruvost – trumpet, Satoko Fujii – piano, Peter Orins – drums) in Saalfelden, Austria

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