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Satoko Fujii : Pianist, Composer

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Happy New Year!!

Wish we all a healthy and peaceful year 2023!

Over the last year, we have been able to do many projects while the world is slowly returning to normal. Due to the Covid-19, all overseas tours had been canceled since February 2020, but in June 2022, after 2 years and 4 months, we could tour in Europe, in America in September, and again in Europe from October to November. Natsuki released CD “Summer Tree”, and five digital albums “Eclectic”, “Sleeping Cat”, “Iyaho”, “5 Trumpets” and “Lightning.” Satoko released “Thread of Light” and “Hyaku One Hundred Dreams,” and digital albums “When You Turn off the Light vol.1,2, and 3” and “Bokyaku.”

Above all, I was so happy to return to New York for my 100th album as a leader, “Hyaku One hundred Dreams” with my dream band.

Well, from January this year, live performances and tours are jam-packed. On January 5th and 8th, the trio Junk Box with John Hollenbeck will perform for the first time in Japan. On January 15 we have a whole day concert with 6 sets at Pit Inn, Shinjuku. (Part of the performance will be streamed at, ), and from the 17th, the trio SAN, which debuted in Europe last June, will have our first Japan tour. Click here for details of the live schedule.

New album “Hyaku, One Hundred Dreams” has been released on December 9 from libra records.

Hyaku One Hundred Dreams

Mon. 10/10   14:00
“IYO Yumemiraikan-Bunak Hall,” Iyo, Ehime
Piano Solo concert
Satoko Fujii – piano

NatSat Newsletter #50

New York City Jazz Record

I am very happy and honored to be included “Musicians of the year 2021” on New York City Jazz Record!
Satoko FujiiBEST SOLO RECORDINGS (2021) Satoko Fujii – Piano Music (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Futari (Satoko Fujii/Taiko Saito) -Beyond (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii – Keshin (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Satoko Fujii – Hazuki (Piano Solo) (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Satoko Fujii Tokyo Trio – Moon on the Lake (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Satoko Fujii/Taiko Saito – Futari: Underground (Libra)


On New York Times


All Libra records digital download is now available on bandcamp!

Instant Award Improvised Music 2020

I’m grateful to receive this award and honored to know that my work has been recognized. During these uncertain times it is especially welcome and gives me great encouragement.

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