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Satoko Fujii : Pianist, Composer

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Kaze had great show with Ikue Mori on January 30 in Lille, France.

Kaze + Ikue Mori

Special CD sales to support jazz clubs

We whole world still have very severe situation with COVID-19. We cancelled a lot of concerts in March and April already. We decided so because we didn’t want to set the chance to trade the virus. We feel sorry to our bandmates and the clubs that set up the concerts. ( Japanese government has no exact plan to support them.)
We would like to sell our CDs (the list below) in special discount price and would like to present some money to the clubs. We know we are not so popular but we really appreciate if you can help! Thank you so much!!!

Each CD price is US$10 (1000 yen) and its shipping cost may be around $2. You can see the details of each CD at:
You can reach me either through messenger of the facebook or at this homepage.

Dragon Nat (Natsuki Tamura Trumpet solo)
Gen Himmel (Satoko Fujii Piano solo)
DuDu (Gato Libre)
Shiki (Satoko Fujii Orchestra NYC)
Hada Hada (Natsuki Tamura Quartet)
Forever (Gato Libre)
Summer Suite (Satoko Fujii Orchestra NYC)
Muku (Gato Libre)
Watershed (Satoko Fujii Min-Yoh Ensemble)
Rafale (Kaze)
Kuro (Gato Libre)
Chun (Natsuki Tamura + Satoko Fujii)
How Many? (Natsuki Tamura + Satoko Fujii)
Fragment (Junk Box)
Live! (Satoko Fujii Orchestra Tokyo CD + DVD)
Something About Water (Paul Bley + Satoko Fujii)
Cut the Rope (First Meeting)
Shiro (Gato Libre)
Eto (Satoko Fujii Orchestra NYC)
Heat Wave (Satoko Fujii ma-do)
Indication (Satoko Fujii Piano solo)

Cancelled concerts in April

We decided to postponed the concerts below because we think “life and health” first, and we would like to avoid a chance to get, give and carry the virus. Sorry to all other musicians who are involved, clubs that set up our concerts and people who planned to come the concerts. We will re-schedule the concerts in better situation.

The following concerts are cancelled.
Gato Libre
Natsuki Tamura – trumpet, Yasuko Kaneko – trombone, Satoko Fujii – accordion,
Thu. 4/2 7:30 pm
“Unshudo,” Osaka
double bill with: DE-OSSI
Donation (+ 1order)
phone: 06-6361-3903
Fri. 4/3 7:30 pm
“Otis,” Hiroshima
double bill
phone: 082-249-3885
Sat. 4/4 3:30 pm
“Soja Art House,” Soja, Okayama
Adv. 2000 yen, At the door 2500 yen
phone: 080-3084-9629 (Tamura)
phone: 080-8728-2975 (Kaneko)
Sun. 4/5 7:30 pm
“Big Apple,” Kobe
Adv. 2500 yen + drink, at the door 3000 yen + drink
(family and musicians can get 50% discount)
phone 078-251-7049
Mon. 4/6 7:30 pm
“Take Zero,” Yokkaichi, Mie
double bill with Telky Misaky (Misaki Ishiwata – trumpet, vocal, Toshinori Terumina – euphonium)
phone: 059-354-0606
Adv. 2500 yen + drink, at the door 3000 yen + drink
Tue. 4/7 7:30 pm
“Nanya,” Nagoya
double bill with Yorunina (Atsushi Enomoto – djembe, Yuki Mori – accordion)
phone: 052-762-9289
Adv. 2000 yen + order, at the door 2500 yen + order
Fri. 4/10 7:30 pm
“Guggenheim House,” Kobe
Satoko Fujii presents, “Solo Night”
Takeharu Hayakawa – bass
Makoto Aida – bass
Takashi Sugawa – cello
phone: 078-220-3924
Adv. 3000 yen, at the door 3500 yen
Sun. 4/12 2:00 pm
“Big Apple,” Kobe
Music creating Workshop
Anyone can attend. Feel free to bring your instrument.
Adv. 3000 yen + drink, at the door 3500 yen + drink
phone 078-251-7049
Sun.4/12 7:30 pm
Satoko Fujii presents, “Duo Night”
“Big Apple,” Kobe
Duo 1
Yasuyoshi Ogino – guitar
Hiromasa Sadaoka – drums

Keizo Nobori – sax
Shota Koyama – drums
Adv. 3000 yen + drink, at the door 3500 yen + drink
phone 078-251-7049

Thanks so much!! Fujii orchestra NY new CD “Entity” is now available in whole world!

CD “Entity” was reviewed by DownBeat!
Thanks so much!!

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