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Satoko Fujii : Pianist, Composer

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Our show on August 1 has been postponed. Sorry if you planned to come.
We have other concerts on August 2,3,4, and 5 as planned.

NatSat Newsletter #49

Hello friends!
Hope you are doing well and enjoying the early summer.

It’s been 27 months since we played in Europe. Fujii breaks the long absence with five concerts and the debut of the new ensemble Trio SAN with vibraphonist Taiko Saito and drummer Yuko Oshima.

The trio formed spontaneously as an extension of Futari, the duo featuring Fujii and Saito. An invitation to Oshima to play with them turned their two into three (in Japanese “futari” means two people, and “SAN” means three).

The tour precedes a busy fall for Fujii, featuring the September 20 live NYC performance and recording of her 100th album as a leader, due out in December 2022. The concert and recording will include Fujii, Wadada Leo Smith, Kappa Maki, Ingrid Laubrock, Brandon Lopez, Tom Rainey, Chris Corsano, Ikue Mori and Sara Schoenbeck.

Tamura began his busy year of recording in April with Eclectic, recording by motsure, his duo with Yoshino, who plays the biwa, a teardrop shaped Japanese lute. Yoshino plays the ancient instrument in an entirely contemporary style, and its brittle textures and explosively rhythmic phrases contrast starkly with Tamura’s intimate jazz melodicism in a rich and varied performance.

Tamura’s newest Gato Libre album, Sleeping Cat, is part of an ambitious yearlong marathon of multiple new releases by the Japanese brass player. Available exclusively on Bandcamp (, Sleeping Cat was recorded remotely but still displays the oblique lyricism and intuitive unity that are hallmarks of the group. A collective interweaving of pure sound and melody, the band’s ninth album ranks among their best, and is just one of several cutting-edge delights that Tamura will make available this year.

Tamura will continue his musical marathon with a new album every other month for the remainder of the year:

Our label, Libra Records celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and we’re planningsome special events. We’ll share details as they become available.

Stay tuned!

New York City Jazz Record

I am very happy and honored to be included “Musicians of the year 2021” on New York City Jazz Record!
Satoko FujiiBEST SOLO RECORDINGS (2021) Satoko Fujii – Piano Music (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Futari (Satoko Fujii/Taiko Saito) -Beyond (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Natsuki Tamura/Satoko Fujii – Keshin (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Satoko Fujii – Hazuki (Piano Solo) (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Satoko Fujii Tokyo Trio – Moon on the Lake (Libra)
– BEST NEW RELEASES (2021) Satoko Fujii/Taiko Saito – Futari: Underground (Libra)


NatSat Newsletter #48

NatSat Newsletter #47

On New York Times

DownBeat annual critics poll in 2021

Thanks so much!!I am so honored to be listed on DownBeat 2021 Annual Critics Poll, in Big Band, Composer and Arranger categories.

Big Band

CD Release

By swapping the audio files between Berlin and Kobe, we made our second duo album. Futari (Taiko Saito- vibraphone, marimba, Satoko Fujii – piano, voice) had so much fun making this new album “Underground”!


We made “Mosaic” in internet. Since we had to play in different rooms, we had to hear each other more carefully. This is It! (with Natsuki Tamura- trumpet and Takashi Itani- drums) has been playing long enough to feel our voice even in different rooms!


“Piano Music” is my new experimental work. I recorded some fragments of my piano play and use them as lego parts to make big piece. It is like a patchwork quilt. I improvised with the parts when I edited.

Piano Music

Satoko Fujii Tokyo Trio is my new piano trio with Takashi Sugawa (bass and cello) and Ittetsu Takemura (drums). I am very happy with this debut album “Moon on the Lake.” This has been recorded at Pit Inn, Shinjuku in September, 2020.

Fujii Tokyo Trio “Moon on the Lake”

My piano solo album “Hazuki” was recorded in my small piano room by myself during the pandemic. Almost all pieces were composed in 2020.

Satoko Fujii Piano Solo “Hazuki”

This is the 8th album with Natsuki. We recorded this music at home and I mixed it by myself.

CD “Keshin”

Newsletter #46

Our new CDs in 2021!

Newsletter #45

Thanks so much for your big support to make this project happen!!

Newsletter #44


All Libra records digital download is now available on bandcamp!

Instant Award Improvised Music 2020

I’m grateful to receive this award and honored to know that my work has been recognized. During these uncertain times it is especially welcome and gives me great encouragement.

Kaze had great show with Ikue Mori on January 30 in Lille, France.

Kaze + Ikue Mori

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