NatSat Duo

Natsuki Tamura – trumpet
Satoko Fujii – piano

Since 1997, Tamura and Fujii’s powerful collaboration has enlightened and engaged listeners.  Their repertoire ranges from total improvisation to Tamura’s deeply beautiful, world-music influenced compositions and Fujii’s compositions with their complicating meter, line, and harmony. With just two instruments, they can create anything from a quiet Japanese traditional song to the blast of a crazy large ensemble. They have wowed audiences at jazz festivals in London, Vancouver, Italy, and Montreal and other venues around the world.

“The wife-husband team from Japan was simply brilliant….consistently reveals a wide-open and unpredictable nature that makes its performance a thrilling ride for the listener.” – Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald

 “Intuition and communication like that is rare.” – Adam Kinner, The Montreal Gazette

 “Kisaragi feels like a secret language, spoken quietly perhaps while laughing loudly…It’s rare to sense this level of intuition between musicians…For those who can find beauty in abstraction, this is a gorgeous example.”—Kurt Gottschalk, New York City Jazz Record 

 “…totally amazing music…the experimental and improvisational range of [Tamura] is incredible…”—Phontas Troussas, Vinylmine  

Their eight duo CDs are How Many? (1997), Clouds (2002), In Krakow, In November (2006), Chun (2008), Muku (2012), Kisaragi (2017), Pentas (2020), and Keshin (2021) .

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