Satoko Fujii – piano
Tatsuya Yoshida – drums

They call it “metal duo” music. Two utterly unique and powerful musicians from different musical worlds―Fujii from avant-garde jazz and Yoshida from noise rock―play together without compromise. They have puzzled, appalled, and delighted audiences at festivals around the world, including FIMAV in Canada and Berlin Jazz Festival. There’s no middle ground with this powerful combination ― love them or hate them, you will be moved by the music. 

 “…pure exhilaration.” – Mike Borella, Avant Music News

“Relentlessly inventive, energetic and definitely recommended.” – Eric Hill, Exclaim!

“Baikamo has electricity in every track; flamboyance and grace interacting in a way that few other musicians have mastered to this level of perfection.” – Karl Ackerman, All About Jazz

“Baikamo has great power, rare momentum and flies like a landslide. Both musicians are in great form, developing environments that move from more conventional to less conventional to no convention at all, able to disturb and provoke our senses.” – Phontas Troussas, Vinylmine (Greece)

They have released three CDs: Toh-Kichi (2002), Erans (2004), and Baikamo (2019).

“Gidvbadhophen” from “Baikamo” by Toh-Kichi 

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